3 Things I Learned from Twitter

1. Find the right crowd. Everyone and their grandma has a Twitter, so it’s no surprise that there are endless accounts for you to follow. But, it is also important to be following accounts that interest you and relate to your own profile in some way. If you’re following the wrong accounts, then Twitter isn’t going to be exciting for you and you aren’t going to get as much as you possibly can out of it. For this assignment, I started following PR related accounts and actually enjoyed reading through my feed. Being able to find good, active accounts that … Continue reading 3 Things I Learned from Twitter

Social Media in the Workplace

It’s insane to think about how social media has truly taken over the world we live in today. I believe people have overlooked how popular and world spread social media has become – especially for younger people who don’t realize they can’t go 10 minutes without checking their phones. But, now social media is tied into everything we do, whether it’s in our personal or professional lives. Companies need to create policies for workers now because it is just expected everyone interacts on social media. For example, Intel has a set of social media guidelines, and employees have to follow … Continue reading Social Media in the Workplace

It’s Not Always Time for Self-Promo

After the shooting in Orlando in June 2016, Madonna posted a tweet with the caption, “Stop Hate. Stop Violence.  #revolutionoflove”  with a picture attached to it of her and Britney Spears kissing that said, “Gay or straight – no hate.” This tweet ended up receiving extreme amounts of backlash because she made such a tragic event about herself. She also posted on Instagram a picture of herself with a quote from herself saying, “you cannot use the name of God, or religion, to justify acts of violence, to hurt, to hate, to discriminate.” Overall, she had a good message in … Continue reading It’s Not Always Time for Self-Promo

Will Live Video Make Brands Better?

If I had to pick one social media trend to describe 2016 it would be live video. Facebook was the trend setter back when they first introduced Facebook Live, and ever since then it has spread to Instagram and Twitter. Live video is such a modern advantage that I think many people, including myself, take advantage of how great of a tool it is. It is something that I easily overlook and don’t really think about how cool it is. After reading this article about how it was the biggest social trend of 2016, I know have a better appreciation … Continue reading Will Live Video Make Brands Better?

Dream Job.

Back in high school, I started watching the ABC show, Scandal. I always knew I enjoyed politics, but it wasn’t until this show it made me realize there might be something for me to do in DC too. One of the characters, Abby Whelan, becomes the Press Secretary of the White House, and ever since then I knew I was interested in PR and Politics. I started to doing more research about the job and watching video clips of the current and past Press Secretaries. I always thought being Press Secretary would be the coolest job, but I saw it … Continue reading Dream Job.