Dream Job.

Back in high school, I started watching the ABC show, Scandal. I always knew I enjoyed politics, but it wasn’t until this show it made me realize there might be something for me to do in DC too. One of the characters, Abby Whelan, becomes the Press Secretary of the White House, and ever since then I knew I was interested in PR and Politics. I started to doing more research about the job and watching video clips of the current and past Press Secretaries. I always thought being Press Secretary would be the coolest job, but I saw it as something so out of reach.

Fast forward to present day, I am now a sophomore majoring in Public Relations with a Political Science minor. I also just got to vote for the first time in one of the most interesting elections. And now, the current Press Secretary has been getting so much attention in his early days at the job. Usually the Press Secretaries don’t receive a lot of coverage because their relationship with the media is quite different than the one Sean Spicer has made. I’ve been so fascinated watching and reading everything he’s done because it is a job I have always been so in awe of and viewed as such a privilege to be given that job. I know I’ll continue to watch all the Press Secretaries in the following years and try to learn from their PR successes or failures. Then when the time comes and I’m qualified, I’ll be able to execute my dream job perfectly.

But, in the mean time, enjoy SNL’s take on Sean Spicer from this past weekend:


4 thoughts on “Dream Job.

  1. I love your connection with being inspired by a television show (especially scandal) The SNL skit that you attached was a perfect addition especially because it went viral for a while. Overall a great first post!


  2. Scandal inspired my career path too! I am a PR major and Political Science minor and I aspire to be like Olivia Pope. (minus being the Presidential mistress!) Hopefully our professional path takes us both to Washington!


  3. Scandal is one of my favorite shows on TV! I mean who doesn’t want to be Olivia Pope she is an absolute badass. I also am inspired by her and hope to be the same strong independent working women one day!


  4. SEAN SPICER ON SNL IS MY FAVORITE THING IN THE WORLD. Okay not to sound dumb, but I didn’t realize press secretary is a PR profession. DUH! That would be an incredible job. Doing any kind of political PR would be amazing I think. Sophomore year, I worked as a volunteer on Bernie Sanders campaign team and would always think about how much I’d love to do what the campaign communication managers do. Similarly, I recently attended an event hosted by the two design heads of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. It was AWESOME! Such a fast-paced, competitive environment. The work you do in political PR effects millions. So, so cool! Best of luck to you in your future career. Hopefully no ones making fun of you on SNL one day.


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