Will Live Video Make Brands Better?

If I had to pick one social media trend to describe 2016 it would be live video. Facebook was the trend setter back when they first introduced Facebook Live, and ever since then it has spread to Instagram and Twitter.

Live video is such a modern advantage that I think many people, including myself, take advantage of how great of a tool it is. It is something that I easily overlook and don’t really think about how cool it is. After reading this article about how it was the biggest social trend of 2016, I know have a better appreciation for live video. It is such a beneficial tool for brands to use so they can reach an even bigger audience. They are able to reach their audience in an instant, but also connect in a form that appeals to their audience. Now more than ever, people are so attracted to video or pictures because no one wants to read anymore when there are other options. Using live video extends brands’ audiences and keeps them happy. It’s a great platform to announce news or communicate with audience.

With all new trends however, there are concerns and issues. Videos streaming live can easily lead to censorship issues or obstacles. But, this is a trend that is so beneficial that it is important to not overlook it because of some bad possible outcomes. It’ll be interesting to continue to follow this trend and see how companies are actually changing that are using this and to see what is happening to the brands that don’t use this trend.





3 thoughts on “Will Live Video Make Brands Better?

  1. I completely agree when you mention how live video can be such an influential feature. I think in this ever-evolving age of social media, live video is transforming the way we look at social media trends and updates. Often, I think it is overlooked by many users, so I appreciate how you emphasize what a useful tool it can be!


  2. Our technology is so crazy, in the best way. I agree, I think we often take things like this for granted. I mean, who would’ve thought that we would have live videos on Facebook just a few years ago? It blows my mind. Who knows what will be next, I sure don’t have a clue.


  3. I definitely think the “live” craze has a positive impact on brands. The fact that it is now available on so many outlets shows how popular it has become. It is a matter of how well brands utilize it because I have seen some that do an excellent job of broadcasting events and such and others that do not really know how to leverage it with followers.


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