It’s Not Always Time for Self-Promo

After the shooting in Orlando in June 2016, Madonna posted a tweet with the caption, “Stop Hate. Stop Violence.  ”  with a picture attached to it of her and Britney Spears kissing that said, “Gay or straight – no hate.”Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 5.47.29 PM

This tweet ended up receiving extreme amounts of backlash because she made such a tragic event about herself. She also posted on Instagram a picture of herself with a quote from herself saying, “you cannot use the name of God, or religion, to justify acts of violence, to hurt, to hate, to discriminate.”Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 5.48.06 PM.png

Overall, she had a good message in her posts, but she took an event that had nothing to do about her and used it to boost her publicity.

Madonna has always been known to as someone that is very accepting and open to everyone. But, the timing of her social media posts were not smart. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with sharing your sorrows for the victims and their families, but at the same time you have to be very careful for such a sensitive event. The mistake Madonna made was making it about herself and taking such a selfish angle of the situation. Her posts could easily change what people think of her and what her personality is and if they support the selfishness that she exposed. But, at the same time I think it’s a little extreme to completely change your opinion of someone based off of one tweet and one Instagram post. It’s unfortunate that celebrities’ social media posts are always extremely examined, and that that’s something they always have to be super careful about.


3 thoughts on “It’s Not Always Time for Self-Promo

  1. Very interesting take on Madonna’s social media posts following the Orlando attack. Clearly Madonna had good intentions with these posts, but I do agree that she in several ways tried to make the situation about herself. She rather could have used her fame in other ways rather than using this event to push her own personal agenda!


  2. I think this is such an important point to bring up. Often, I think celebrities are not aware of how their posts might be received. It’s interesting that Madonna was not conscious of the backlash she received and I think it is important to pay attention to strategically posting as we dive into our future careers in PR.


  3. I totally agree that she tried to bring up a good message, but unfortunately she did it in the wrong way. I think celebrities sometimes forget how things could be perceived and just post without thinking, because they aren’t all communication professionals. But this was definitely a mistake and someone should have told her that.


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